New York City Public Schools?

I'm reposting with a public entry because I didn't get too many answers on my last post. I hope that is okay.

Does anyone have any experience in getting hired with the NYC DOE? I'm moving to NYC before the start of the 2014-15 school year and I would like to do my best to avoid going through an agency. On almost every job posting site, all I am seeing are agency school jobs and everything on the district website is very general and not at all specific toward speech (big surprise) other than saying "At the present time, public schools in NYC may hire external teachers (teachers not currently employed by the NYCDOE) in the following subject areas: speech."

Does anyone have any experience working directly for the public schools? Any contacts or at least links where I can find out who the direct hiring individuals or supervisors for speech are? I know I'll still have to do the normal teacher application and all that jazz but I'd at least love any direction in making my application standout as a speech therapist amid the masses of teacher applications.

Alternatively, if you've gone through an agency, what was your experience like and do you have any particular agencies you would recommend over others? Thanks so much. I'm coming from out of state so I have no contacts like I would've if I'd gone to school in the city.

And yes I've got the TSSLD stuff sorted so I'm pretty much set on that end.
Everything tends to take a while especially in larger districts. You will need to go through HR and all that.

It is still pretty early for postings for next school year...I would think mid March -April are times when things may be more specific to apply for.

You may want to research and see if you can find out SLP supervisor/ dept head and email resume/cover letter for them and let them know how interested you are. I have done that before with some success-many districts are desperate for SLPs and by the time HR posts, closes jobs, interviews etc, it is a process.

Good luck!
Honey, I have been dealing with this DOE for a year now. I moved here from Florida with only a bachelors so maybe my process was little different from yours but nonetheless a hassle. I can only work in the school system so i have no other option, I was just interviewed in December for a position with District 75 but they are not hiring until the next school year, so I have to wait anyway. Are you done with TSSLD process? You submitted all your paperwork? If you have, you're ahead of the game. It usually takes 4-6 months to process, from what I've been told. I'm waiting on all my stuff to clear. Its horrible because there is no one at the department that can give you a clear cut path. Everyone tells you something different. I had to basically do this whole process on my own figuring things out on the way. All I can say is keep on going. Its a long and hard process but you'll get there.
Sorry I know i'm not answering your question.. but reading through your post I'm wondering how you got the TSSLD sorted out. Seems like everyone is saying its impossible. I am a California SLP working the schools (I have my CCC's) looking to move to NY and work in the schools... which path way did you use?