Grad schools with winter start dates?

I'm really starting to worry about completing all of my required pre-req's before the fall of 2014 (assuming I get into a school for the 2014-2015 school year). I want to get statistics, chemistry and neurology out of the way before grad school. I'd also love an extra "cushion" of time between summer and winter to transition to a new state if I need to move. Does anyone know how common this is? I know some programs have a cohort that starts in summer and a second cohort that starts in fall, but what about fall and then winter?

             Otherwise, I'm thinking that maybe I should do a three year part-time post bacc program instead of two years due to financial reasons. I've been volunteering and doing an internship in addition to my 2 classes per term which has really limited my time to work and earn $. While waiting would be ideal for $ concerns, I'm also worried about trying to start a family at 35, which is how old I would be if I did a 3 year post-bacc and 2 year grad school immediately following. Anyone else in the same boat? I am really stressing myself out over this.

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I am in the same boat and I am older than you. I won't be starting a family until 37, if it is my fate!

I was told it takes about three semesters to complete the Prereqs for SLP, not including the ASHA requirements of statistics, chemistry or physics. Most schools allow you to apply with at least two or three of the SLP prequisite course in the process of being completed.

Most schools have programs that only take fall admissions. I know Lehman College in NYC has spring admission.
3 years to complete the pre-reqs is overly generous. Give yourself a year and take them online.
You shouldn't need too much time for pre-reqs; they're not too difficult. And the sooner you finish grad school, the sooner you can start paying back loans and making money.

Here are some schools that do spring/winter admission:
University of Central Florida
Valdosta State
CSU Northridge
University of South Dakota
St Johns University
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Appalachian State
Lehman College
Alabama A&M
University of Texas at Dallas
Kansas State University
Baylor University
Truman State
College of St Rose
Eastern Michigan
Texas A&M Kingsville
University of Central Missouri
Pretty sure it's 3 years post bacc total... not 3 years + 2 years graduate school.