If you've completed or in your cf...,,

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a website where SLPs can discuss companies you work for? I would love to hear how employees really feel.

Also, can companies require a minimum number of billable hours per week in order for them to count them toward your cf? For example, you need 25 hrs billable for that week to count. I can't understand how that is ok. This is for full time.

Has anyone had a supervisor that comes up with excuses about setting up dates to observe? I've heard my company likes to wait as long as they can to observe and complete the cf. I'm assuming they want to keep you as long as they can (cheaper labor etc.). I don't want to sound pushy with my supervisor, but I don't plan to wait like others might have.

Anys thought? Thanks!
There's not a website like that that I know of. I don't think it would be good practice to discuss the practices of your company in public. You might be found out and fired for what you've said.

I work in a school, so I can't answer the "billable hours" bit. I know ASHA and your licensing board have their own requirements. However, it's usually "hours worked" not just "billable hours".

I never had issues getting my supervisor to observe. According to ASHA, they're required to give you a certain number of direct and indirect observation per cycle. Each company/district will complete this different. Some give you that exact amount of time, others will give you more. It just depends.