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Does any one know what I would have to do to become a SLPA in NYC? I am just wondering what it would take and if any one knows of any programs. 
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States for SLP-A
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Pretty much the requirements vary by state. Some do not allow SLPAs at all. Some require you to be specifically trained as an SLPA and you can't just be an SLPA by getting your bachelor's and doing some hours.

It seems like Texas would be the easiest to become an SLPA after obtaining your bachelor's degree, as they require only 25 hours. Some states require 100 or more.

If you pick out some states, the easiest thing to do is go to, which is like a job search aggregate site, type in the state and SLPA and see what kinds of listings come up.

No advice about actually getting a job, as I haven't hit that stage yet, however, I plan on applying when I graduate in the summer.

North Carolina
South Carolina
Texas (AA or BA +25 hrs)
Colorado (BA +100 hrs)
Indiana (Aide-HS, AA, BA)
Arizona (AA or BA, SLPA Cert + 100 hrs)
California (AA or BA)
Oregon (AA or BA + 100 hrs)
Washington (working on licensing req.s)
New Mexico

Tennessee (there is actually a few job openings in Memphis I saw on craigslist)

This is a list I pulled from some other SLP message board. However, it may not be complete, and I know other states allow you to practice under emergency certification etc.

And to add to that list, it became apparent to me recently that the state of Virginia does not require licensure for SLP-A.
They have TSSLD in NYC (google it!).. or they did when I lived there. You could work in the schools for 5 years with your bachelors provided you took the right course work. I got mine automatically from NYU when I went there. Hope that helps :)
Hi, I know its been 2 years since your posting, but were you able to get your TSSLD? I'm wondering because I am in that boat right now and wanted some insight.