Hi current and recent MA program applicants--

Having a minor freak-out. I was reading the CSDCAS FAQ and it says that they can take up to 4 weeks to send the applications to the schools. Was I supposed to factor that into my submission date? My deadlines are Jan. 15, so it's too late for that now...


Well, poop. I also found this:

APPLY EARLY! Submitting your materials early helps ensure timely processing and avoids costly delays. Generally, it takes 7–10 business days for items such as transcripts, paper references, or mailed payments to be received by CSDCAS from the date they are mailed. Once your application is considered COMPLETE, it can take up to FOUR WEEKS for it to be processed and mailed to your programs. To ensure your application is mailed on time, ALL MATERIALS should arrive at CSDCAS four weeks prior to your earliest deadline.
Oh wow, I wasn't aware of that! Sorry that you missed your deadline, but thanks for letting us know about the need to send in applications early!
After calling one of the programs (the others are on the east coast so I'll have to call tomorrow), I THINK I'm going to be okay. The school I called, at least, considers the program deadline to be the e-submit deadline.
Really? I am so stressed out. I have 2 applications (also due on the 15th of this month) and I am now scrambling to complete them so I can send them in tomorrow morning at the latest. My transcripts have taken so long to come in (I live in NJ and I went to UCF). This is SO STRESSFUL!!!!
Re: omgosh
Give those schools a call in the morning. You might not need to do that. (I'm scrambling, too, just in case.)

BTW, isn't CSDCAS a pain?
csdcas says it is january 15th. :( how long is your SOP.. I feel like 5500 characters is a lot and the people reading these essays already have enough to read. Is that your outlook on it? My adviser was pretty shitty.. she never gave me any advice about basically anything. :(
4268 characters, which is about 2 double-spaced pages, which I think should be about right. I have a couple of schools that don't want more than 500 words, so I didn't want to make it too much longer because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to cut it down to 500. 500 seems SO short.
Oh my goodness. I totally wasn't aware of that! I gotta call my schools! And my deadlines are 1/15 and 2/1. It's well past 4 weeks! Do you think they're just talking about transcripts?

I also JUST read this on their FAQ:
"Deadline requirements are determined by individual programs. It is always prudent to send CSDCAS all of your references as early as possible and certainly no less than 5-6 weeks before your first deadline."

5-6 weeks? I told my references that they could submit their LORs anytime before 1/15 since it's electronic submission... They are not done with my LORs yet! How do I go back in time? =( Did everyone already submit their LORs 6 weeks ahead?
If you read the section about GPA calculation, it says they don't start to process the transcripts until the whole thing is totally submitted.

I sure didn't submit my letters 6 weeks early. My latest letter came in today.

I THINK we'll be okay with the 1/15 schools. My most recent transcript couldn't even be sent out until 12/16, and then it takes forever for CSDCAS to get in into their system after that. There would be no way to submit 4 weeks before the deadline.

I am really annoyed with this now. I feel like they should have made this more obvious than some tiny blip in the FAQ section.
I have to send 2/3 transcripts tomorrow. I will overnight them so they can get there as early as possible. I have never been so frustrated though. It should NOT be this difficult.
Gross. I avoided CSDCAS like the plague but I think all of my friends with CSDCAS schools tried to get it done before Thanksgiving.
I am so glad to see that other people are frustrated with the CSDCAS system. It's awful! Entering each individual course ever taken is particularly ridiculous. One of my schools has a 1/1 deadline, and although I submitted the application in early December, my transcripts just arrived about a week ago, and nothing has been mailed to my schools yet. I'm hoping that won't mean I paid the crazy expensive application fee for nothing. I'm going to call the school tomorrow and find out what the deal is.

As a side note, one of the schools I applied to required submitting an application directly to their school as well as on CSDCAS. And there were application fees for both!! Ahhh!

Ok, I feel better now after venting a bit. Good luck to everyone applying for the fall!
Yeah this whole graduate application deal is ridiculously expensive. I went to three undergrad schools (whoops) and I have to pay for all 3 transcripts to go to every school. $25 for 3 transcripts x 11 schools... = gross.
Me too. 3 transcripts (and one for was only one class!) x 9 schools. And I took the GRE before deciding on any schools, so of course THAT cost $23 per school.
Hi everyone! Totally freaking out as well... totally. I am applying to 2 schools through CSDCAS- Emerson and MGH- both of which are my top choices. Has anyone heard about the application deadline for those schools-- does the e-deadline work for those. An above poster said that CSDCAS should have posted this information in BRIGHT RED GIANT LETTERS on the front page of the application. I agree!!!!! so frustrating!
MGH and Emerson
Those are the two I am also applying to. I am going to call tomorrow, but I am assuming that as long as the e-submission is before 1/15 we should be fine. I find this completely ridiculous that we would have to turn it in 5-6 weeks earlier than the deadline. If the deadline is 1/15 it is 1/15!! NOT 5-6 weeks BEFORE!
not so bad...
hey everyone -- I found CSDCAS to be quite easy actually. Other schools have way more confusing and time consuming application processes. Many grad school apps require you hit in your transcripts manually as well, which I do find repetetive and kind of useless since we mail them in. I've applied to schools in the past and the rule of thumb is to always, ALWAYS be on top of things and send stuff in way in advance. If you leave it to the last little bit, everything always seems to go wrong!!! I found this out especially with getting LOR from profs. It takes constant reminders and many emails to have them actually fill stuff out or mail it out in time. Also, through CSDCAS, once they receive your transcript, they figure out your cumulative and major GPA, so I think they factor this in to the 'send it in 4 weeks ahead' timeline.

For anyone just doing applications not through CSDCAS, send out all of your stuff as soon as humanly possible!! Last year I had incomplete applications for 2 schools because one of my profs failed to mail his stuff in on time and you can imagine how disappointing that was (after having 20+ email convos with him). I asked everyone in September if you can believe it!

I've worked in admissions though before and usually if you get in touch to ask or let them know your situation, it is not a huge deal. They make it seem like the end of the world on the admissions websites to try and not have as many people bothering them about individual items. Some places do date stamp things though, so I'd still be on the cautious side and phone/email like people have suggested.

Good luck to everyone applying and mail your stuff out ASAP!
Re: not so bad...
No, it says in the FAQ that they don't start calculating your GPA until you've submitted and paid.
I am just going to overnight my transcripts tomorrow and be confident that everything happens for a reason.. that's pretty much all I have left!
Well, I was going to use CSDCAS to apply to the University of Tennessee, but because of the length of the process and the expense decided against it. However, I am in the process of applying to the University of Alabama (deadline Feb. 1st) and it says to give the graduate school 6 weeks to send application to the department after complete. I just hope after paying the admissions fee, everything gets there in time!
I used CSDCAS last year for about 6 schools and ran into the same problem of noticing they say it could take weeks for everything to go through. A few other people I knew and myself called CSDCAS because we noticed this the week it was due and CSDCAS said not to worry and in the end everything went fine, I had no issue with schools calling saying they didn't have everything. And this was from being submitted the week of.

I am applying again this year, and one of my recommenders STILL hasn't submitted my letter of rec, but I'm not too nervous. As long as I click submit before the 15th I think it will be ok
I submitted my CSDCAS application on 12/24. It shows that my GPA calculations still have not been completed BUT I got an email yesterday from Emerson that they have received my application. It even shows each requirement, and whether it has been received.
So, it looks like the schools will receive the application even if CSDCAS hasn't finished processing it yet, which I think is good news.

Here's my question for you guys, though. I couldn't find the answer on CSDCAS, and I emailed Emerson but haven't heard back yet. I submitted before my 3rd LOR sent in her letter (she still hasn't). My question is, once she does submit it, will the schools receive it even if I already submitted the app? Does anyone know?