ASHA requirements

I'm worried about the ASHA requirements consisting of:

-1 biological sciences course 
-1 physical sciences course
-1 social/behavioural sciences course
-1 mathematics course

I have taken a biology course that was pretty general without a lab included.

I will be taking a physics class this coming semester, that basically covers the physics of music.

Since I'm majoring in psychology, I believe that I shouldn't worry about the 'social/behavioural sciences' requirement. 

I have taken 2 statistics classes so far, related to my psychology major.

Do you think that these fulfill such ASHA requirements or not?
Whom should I contact to make sure?

Yes, this is my second post in a row ... And I will surely be posting more =[
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I agree with the above. Also, a good person to contact would be your academic advisor--he or she should know what you need to be on track to fulfill requirements. Good luck!