ASHA requirements

I'm worried about the ASHA requirements consisting of:

-1 biological sciences course 
-1 physical sciences course
-1 social/behavioural sciences course
-1 mathematics course

I have taken a biology course that was pretty general without a lab included.

I will be taking a physics class this coming semester, that basically covers the physics of music.

Since I'm majoring in psychology, I believe that I shouldn't worry about the 'social/behavioural sciences' requirement. 

I have taken 2 statistics classes so far, related to my psychology major.

Do you think that these fulfill such ASHA requirements or not?
Whom should I contact to make sure?

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I just remembered you are Canadian. Are you planning on getting your ASHA CCCs or just your CASLPA certificate? If you *are* planning on getting your CCCs you can also call the Action Center at 800-638-8255 or contact them via email at

I'm not sure if CASLPA requires the same requirements or not. The chair of your dept. should certainly be able to tell you what's required for Canada. The chair and your advisor can probably tell you about ASHA as well, but it may not be current information.