URGENT QUESTION- bilingual SLP extension

i just signed up for the bilingual extension program at my school, and had my college sign the application and mail it to the NY Board of education. ( i am doing their deal where they pay for school and you work for them for 4 years)

I know yiddish about 70% ok.

my question is: is there really a point to get certified bilingual in new york if its not going to be in spanish?? in other words, what are the pros and cons to get registered as bilingual in NY if its another language besides spanish??

also, how hard is the state exam to prove language proficiency- i think its called (bilingual education assesment  BEA)??

once i graduate, will i work in  a regular school, or will they place me in spanish speaking school (from what i understand, being qualified as bilingual isn't language specific...so u work with all languages?)

pay....do u get paid any more if u have bilingual extension??? 


hey! what school are you attending if you do not mind me asking?
i know nothing about the bilingual extenstion, but i swear i saw an ad for an slp position in the back of advance magazine for early intervention, bilingual english/yiddish. can't remember if it was brooklyn or jersey though. at the time i thought it was hilarious! i wish i could still say more than just the few phrases i remember from my language courses... and i have a BA in yiddish!
i decided to do monolingual
i decided there was no point to do the bilingual- if u do get it, the board of ed will place u in a bilingual school, and hence, u wont be able to choose ur own ideal local school...
Re: i decided to do monolingual
Yiddish is a good bilingual to have. You will be especially marketable in Borough Park and Williamburg Brooklyn. You are lucky. I really wish I knew Yiddish so I could pursue the bilingual extention. Spanish and Yiddish are useful but Hebrew is useless for an SLP.
Re: i decided to do monolingual
i am having board of ed pay for school/ if i do bilingual, they said i will have to be placed in a bilingual school (EVEN IF I ONLY KNOW YIDDISH, to them its just a bilingual extension to the degree , which is good for the SPANISH schools as well) . so i am not doing it now to avoid being placed in a bilingual school. i will get the extension later.
Re: i decided to do monolingual
which school are u going to currently?
BEA test
Looking to study spanish for SLP bilingual extension. Did anyone take BEA in spanish?