March 7th, 2013

Pre-req SLP programs

I searched through past entries, and didn't see a similar post so I thought I'd write this entry. I will need prerequisites before applying for a Masters program, and since there are no schools nearby me that offer an SLP program, I'm looking into online/distance programs.

If someone here can answer one of these questions for me, that would be fantastic. Please message me if you prefer.

-What online pre-req/leveling program are you enrolled in, and how's your experience so far?

-What is your most favorite thing about taking an online program? Least favorite?

--Is it realistic to earn A's in the courses or is some of the subject matter/tests a challenge?

-If you've already completed the prereq program, were you able to successfully enroll in the Master's program? Or did you have to apply to a lot of schools?

-If you could do things differently in the online program or anything related to becoming an SLP, what would you do?

Depending on where I'm moving in the next year or so, I may consider an on-campus Masters program.
Thank you so much for any feedback you guys can offer.