GPA In Major: 3.22

Hello everyone,

I know there was a similar post 5 years back but I wanted to touch base with a more current post.

Back story: I am from Washington State and received my degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. I started at a community college (where I earned a 3.56 GPA) and then transferred to a 4 year university in Washington where I earned a 3.22 GPA in my major. I know this GPA is not competitive at all and it breaks my heart because it doesn't reflect my passion to work in this field at all. There was some family things going on and I let it get in the way. Also, the transition from a community college to a 4 year was kind of a big adjustment for me. I was so disappointed in myself that after graduation I gave up hope of someday becoming a SLP. Looking back, this is something that saddens me because my brother has autism and has benefited tremendously from seeing an SLP. I want to make a difference in people lives, just as the my brother's SLP has made a difference in his.

Fast Forward: It has been a little over a year since I have graduated (June, 2016). I worked in a school district as an SLPA for 6 months which reignited my passion for this field. I am looking to land another contract for this coming school year and apply for Fall 2018 at a grad school.

So My Question Is This: Who has had a similar GPA and has been accepted into a Masters Program? Also, what did your GRE score look like?

Thank you in advance for your time!
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Wow! Thank you so much for your reply, I will most definitely look into those things! I really appreciate it :)
Just wanted to say good luck! I had a different GPA and applied to grad school over 10 years ago so I doubt any info I would provide would be helpful.
I went to graduate school about 10 years ago, but I did work in the office admissions during that time.

I would say highlight your experience being an SLP-A. The departments really value experience. it is a huge plus as many students applying do not have that going into grad school. Make sure your supervisor if writes a glowing letter of recommendation. You have already proven you are capable of SLP work by being an SLP-A. Admissions will take note.

Also be open to applying everywhere. State schools tended to be more competitive than private due to tuition being lower. Be open to applying to universities in rural areas.

Good luck!
Hey sorry I know this post is a few months old, but I had a 3.4 undergrad GPA and got a full scholarship to one of the top schools in NY in 2011 with a pretty good but not crazy-good GRE score (I forget the exact score and it was the 2010 GRE anyway which has a different scoring system) but a killer statement of purpose and LOR's. I think one of the best things you can do at this point is make good connections as an SLP-A with people who believe in you and will write you excellent letters. If you're willing to move somewhere else in the country, you have good odds of finding something, somewhere. Good luck!