Before You Post About Grad Schools...

Before making a "Will I get in?" post about graduate schools, please do the following:

1.  Check out this entry found here.
2.  Read past entries for ideas - Graduate School tag is a good starting place.
3.  Check the program website for the school you are applying to, many times they have information about average GPA/GRE scores, employment rate post grad, etc.

The reason we're asking this of you is because we tend to get a huge influx of graduate school posts around this time of year and many of your questions have been answered before.  If you truly cannot find your answer, feel free to post your graduate school question. =)

Interactive Websites for Virtual Tx

Hello? Is ANYONE out there?
I need help...Pretty desperate over here.
I hate COVID and the fact that I have to provide school based speech-language services via online as well as in brick and mortar setting.
any suggestions will be appreciated.

MBSS age?

Hi everyone!

I have recently started working with a 4 month old for feeding therapy. I am considering recommending an MBSS to assess swallowing physiology. However, I am wondering if this child is too young. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!
  • uhhmira

Personal Statement draft- Help?

Hi! I am looking for some constructive criticism for my personal statement. If anyone is able to help I can e-mail you the link or send through Livejournal.

I am struggling with:

1. Word count- I know I talk a lot about my work and volunteer experiences, but I feel like all of them are so vital and I don't know what to eliminate.

2. Talking about the program itself- I don't know how far into detail I should go about the program, since the committee already has all that information. I feel like my essay makes that part sound very vague (last paragraph), but I don't know if I should waste writing space with the details the committee already has.

3. Sounding unique- I understand that many applicants will have similar experiences and intents that I do. Any tips on how to make myself sound more interesting?

Thank you in advance, any and all help is much appreciated.

CFY Gap Year?

Hello all,
I had a horrible experience with my SNF CF position. Not only did I not get the hours promised, but there were many things that made me feel like I was putting my license on the line. So, after much thought and re-evaluation of my priorities, I decided I wanted to work with kids. Unfortunately, with the school year already started, there were no positions open. Same goes with many private practices and clinics. My question is how does taking a year off between grad school and CFY look to employers?

Thank you!

Reapplying to Grad School with a Low GPA and Okay GRE

Hi all! I just graduated with my CMDS undergraduate degree from a school in Arkansas in May. I applied to 5 schools: 2 in Texas, 2 in Arkansas, and 1 in Oklahoma but I wasn’t accepted to either of them. I was diagnosed with a learning disability at the end of my junior year so up until then the highest GPA I was able to earn even with working really hard was a 3.0. Thankfully I came in with a lot of hours from dual credit and both semesters my senior year I earned a 3.4, so I graduated with a 3.17. Unfortunately, most of my lower scores are in my CMDS classes. Then I took the GRE twice and the first time I took it I scored a 296 (V:149,Q:145,W:4.0) but then I took it again under let’s say stressful situations and I only scored a 292 (V:148,Q:143,W:4.5). It’s my dream to become a pediatric SLP, though, and I have already been offered a job after graduating from my Master’s from a private clinic I interned for 2 summers ago. Also, I have a lot of volunteer hours, I have some practicum hours from undergraduate, and I thought I had good LORs. I am now starting to reapply to schools, and I wanted to see if anyone could give me some advice on where to apply or how to make my application stronger? I am currently volunteering with an organization in Uganda by assisting an SLT here and shadowing an american SLP once a week for 5 months and when I return at the end of November I am going to find an SLPA job around where I am from in Texas.

CF Question


Hello all! 

I am graduating in August and have been looking for a CF for several  months now. I am only interested in working with adults, so I have been  applying to acute care and inpatient rehab. I'm not thrilled by the  thought of a SNF, but I may bite the bullet and start looking at those  soon because I have had no luck. Thus far I've applied to 30ish places  and gotten one phone call. I'm applying to several states (GA, KY, AL,  TX), so I'm not being crazy picky about location. I'm from Nashville,  but TN has yet to adapt the temporary/provisional license, so as a CF, I  can't bill for Medicare Part B (which, of course, is often found in  medical settings), so if finding a medical CF in a city that has become  oversaturated wasn't hard enough, I wouldn't even be able to bill for a  lot of the patients unless I had "in the room" supervision. Thanks a  lot, TN. (I'm not at all bitter. ;)) Anyway, would taking a PRN position  for my CF be a bad idea? I haven't gotten an interview for one, but I'm  curious to know if I'd be setting myself up for failure if I were to  get a bite. I know it would take a lot longer to finish my CF, and I'm  not thrilled about that, but I also don't want to be unemployed for the  next 6 months. Any help would be appreciated!

Two year gap between grad school and CFY

Hi all

I finished grad school a year early and decided I wanted to spend a year in Spain teaching English and learning Spanish before I started my CFY... Now I have a boyfriend and a little bit of a life here and I am weighing the pros and cons of staying for one more year. Can anyone give me advice on wether I’m jeopardizing anything with potential hirers in the future if I take a two year gap between grad school and my CFY? Would it be in my better interest to stay home next year and get my CF year over with? Any advice or insight would be helpful!!!
  • hq7n

Choosing SLP post-baccalaureate programs

Hello guys!   I'm currently a 4th-year undergraduate at UCI, which unfortunately does not offer a CSD degree. My next step is to apply to a post-bacc program. I would really want to stay to California for SLP grad school, so I am looking for a post-bacc program that satisfies all the requirements of all the California grad programs that I am applying to. The problem I've run into is that most schools are looking for different prerequisite courses, and none of the post-bacc programs satisfies all of the required courses. Is there any SLP grad school in Cali (or in any other state) that ONLY requires completion of any CSD post-bacc program and no other additional courses? Any other general advice/suggestions is appreciated, thank you!

  • slpshan

CFY Starting mid year in school setting

Hi everyone.  So I have recently moved my CFY from a SNF to a school setting. I was hired on the day before the school started their winter break, therefore I have not been given a ton of information about my position or on what I will/ should be doing. I am starting in the school's preschool. I feel like I'm not really sure I know what I am supposed to be doing. School restarts next week, and I still have a lot of questions. I was handed 10 kids files before break, but I know I will have more kiddos than that! Who should I talk to about figuring out what kids I have on my caseload? What other administrative tasks should I complete? I have a "to-do" list including getting access to IEP, learn how to bill, creating a caseload list with goals, develop attendance system.  What else? Thanks everyone!