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[sticky post] Before You Post About Grad Schools...

Before making a "Will I get in?" post about graduate schools, please do the following:

1.  Check out this entry found here.
2.  Read past entries for ideas - Graduate School tag is a good starting place.
3.  Check the program website for the school you are applying to, many times they have information about average GPA/GRE scores, employment rate post grad, etc.

The reason we're asking this of you is because we tend to get a huge influx of graduate school posts around this time of year and many of your questions have been answered before.  If you truly cannot find your answer, feel free to post your graduate school question. =)

Do you actually use ASL?

I plan on moving to Houston after grad school. When browsing through job positions many are willing to pay more if you are bilingual in English & Spanish. I plan on perfecting my Spanish and taking the ACTFL in oral proficiency. However, I wanted to learn American Sign Language, but I've read that most SLPs don't actually use it.

Side note: ACTFL=American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages, test required for most teachers who are teaching a foreign language. The oral proficiency exam is basically a 20-30 minute interview to see if you can actually hold a conversation in Spanish.

Male Considering SLP


I don't want to post on a topic that may have already been covered extensively, however, I haven't been able to find much on the topic either on the community or Google in general. 

I am currently a Junior in my undergrad with a double major in Applied Linguistics and Spanish. I am bilingual in Spanish and am a registered court interpreter in TN. My passion in academics truly is linguistics, particularly psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, and cognitive science. My long term goal is to eventually earn my Ph.D and teach and research in these areas. However, I have recently been considering SLP and CSD as a related and more versatile career path. Instead of directly enrolling in a linguistics doctoral program after graduation, I am thinking I am going to apply to a SLP program. I do have a few questions and wanted to solicit some advice. My reasons for pursuing an SLP career are firstly that faculty positions are extremely competitive and hard to come by, especially in such a specialized field as linguistics. Secondly, time is a concern. I don't know if I want to go through another 5 straight years of school. I wont finish my undergrad till I am 23-24 and want to get on with life. My ultimate goal is to hold a Ph.D, however, it is something I could postpone till a little later in life. I don't want to get bogged down in background info, but I feel it is important to give when asking for advice.

My first concern with regards to SLP is that it really is a female dominated profession. I have nothing against this, in fact I welcome it. However, I fear that as a male it would be difficult to find positions. I want to work with adults and stroke/brain trauma victims. I know that most of the positions available are in school settings or with pediatrics, especially so for bilinguals. However, I am intimidated by working with young children. Could you offer any advice on what employment prospects might be for a male in my situation? Would it be hard to find hospital positions working with adults? 

Secondly, I am concerned about finances. I will be graduating with about $60 k in debt. I'm not really aiming for a get-rich-quick job. 50K a year average salary is quite sufficient for a single with no kids. However, I don't know what the future hopes and would like to be able to support a family full time. I am not sure if SLP offers that opportunity... What are the salary expectations for jobs working with adults?

Thirdly, what opportunities are there with SLP to incorporate research in the aforementioned areas of interest. Are there any graduate programs that offer a dual degree in SLP and linguistics? Or an SLP masters to linguistics doctorate program? Any advice about the ability to shift from SLP to academic research? Is it feasible to work part-time as an SLP and pursue a Ph.D program part time? 

Thanks, sorry for the long post. I have been deep in thought considering all these things and would like to get some advice from real people with real experience. Once again, thanks!

Bilingual Speech Programs

 Is anyone currently attending/has attend a bilingual speech program?  I am considering applying to some programs but am curious on peoples opinions of the programs:

-What was your competency before starting the program?  I have completed a Spanish minor and studied abroad for a semester but I still am nervous about my Spanish and I know I frequently make mistakes.  I'm worried i'm not competent enough.

-Competitiveness of admission to these programs?

-Recommendations of programs?
My stats- GPA: 3.6 (at top 9 school), Spanish minor, GRE a little over 1000, research experience, a lot of leadership & involvement in many other activities at school.

Thanks :)