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[sticky post] Before You Post About Grad Schools...

Before making a "Will I get in?" post about graduate schools, please do the following:

1.  Check out this entry found here.
2.  Read past entries for ideas - Graduate School tag is a good starting place.
3.  Check the program website for the school you are applying to, many times they have information about average GPA/GRE scores, employment rate post grad, etc.

The reason we're asking this of you is because we tend to get a huge influx of graduate school posts around this time of year and many of your questions have been answered before.  If you truly cannot find your answer, feel free to post your graduate school question. =)

Hey contractors, let's talk about pay raises

Hi folks, I am going into my third year with a smallish, regional contracting company. When I was hired, I was told verbally that they consistently give out 2-3% raises each year, which was ok with me. My first year, I was offered a 1.4% raise No discussion, just a figure on my new contract. Since I was just finishing my CFY, and I had negotiated a significantly higher base salary, I didn't question it. Well, as my new contract comes up, I definitely want my 3%.

So two questions: first, if you're a contracter (independent or with a company), what kind of yearly raises do you typically get? Second, what do you think of talking raises before contracts are assigned, vs after seeing what they offer?

Any information or advice is appreciated. While I'm being paid fairly competitively and like my company, I live in an expensive area and expect them to live up to their assurances.
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Independent Contractor Rate CO

I am currently working as an independent contractor for a private practice in Colorado. I currently work in our clinic and do EI home visits. I love my job but I would just like some feedback as to what an appropriate hourly rate is? I am currently paid $40/hr for tx/evals and $20/hr for consult time (writing reports etc). As an independent contractor I am responsible for my own insurance etc.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Job Offer at Hospital in Florida - Good or Bad?

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I made a post asking for advice on my first CFY job interview I had at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida - thank you to those who responded because your insights helped me a great deal! I have now received an offer for that position. Being that I am completely in the dark still about salary and pay, I am not sure if the offer I received is a good one or not. I am being offered $20.40 an hour, and they are emailing me the information about the benefits package tomorrow. Now I know that Florida has a lower cost of living and also does not have state income tax, but I am still in the dark about whether that is a good deal or if I should try to negotiate?

Also, if anyone has any insight on what I should expect in this benefits package (what is good or bad, etc) that would help greatly! I told the hiring manager I would get back to her in the next few days so I'm trying to collect myself.

Thanks again!

Interview for CFY Position at Hospital

Hi everyone!

I just finished grad school and have an interview at a hospital in Florida next week. It is my first interview in the field so I am looking for any and all insight! What kinds of questions will they ask? What kinds of questions should I ask? Should I be prepared to be given clinical scenarios and knowledge-based questions to answer? The position is specifically for a CFY, so I am expecting them to want to know all the experiences I have had as well.

Also, I know it is kind of a taboo topic, but I am assuming based on previous posts I've seen that I can expect them to ask about salary. I am at a loss about this, especially since I am not from Florida and don't know the going rate for a CFY in a hospital. So any ideas on this would be appreciated!

Thanks for the help!


Hi all,

For those of you that work prn in a hospital, what is your experience like?

Do you normally help only when someone is on vacation? Do you mostly do treatment, or both evaluations and treatment? Roughly how many hours a week do you get? Does the time of year influence more hours (i.e., summer versus winter)? Would you recommend for someone that recently finished their cf?

Also, what is the range for pediatric outpatient? I know this is specific, but does anyone know what it would be in Florida?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Staffing company in Jacksonville, FL

I'm graduating soon and looking into working with a staffing company in Jacksonville, FL in the schools for my cfy. I could go direct hire, but the salary is higher with a company, and I have loans to pay back. I've looked on lots of sites, including ASHA, BLS, payscale.com, etc. and find that the rates vary greatly. Also, it was hard to find what a CF would be making. Would anyone in Jax be able to enlighten me about what a fair salary and hourly rate would be if I'm going through a staffing company and what is included (moving expenses, health care, materials allowance, license reimbursement)? Thanks!

And, if you could recommend a good staffing company (or warn of a bad staffing company), that'd be great, too!

bilingual extension- CF-CEUs

Hi all,

I am currently a CF and completing a bilingual extension program. I wanted to know if I can get CEUs credit for doing the extension program? (once I'll have my C's).

Also, what are the current rates for bilingual pathologists practicing in NY?

Thank you!
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CFY Salary

I'm a new CFY in Texas, and I need your help! On one hand I am being offered $32.50/hr for a full time position with a SNF. The caseload is primarily cognitive and swallowing and I'll be the only SLP with a PRN supervisor. On the other hand I have been offered a direct position with a school district working at an elementary and high school with a salary of $51,0000/year. Which would you take? Are these salaries competitive? I've got loans to pay off, but I'd hate to make a decision based on salary alone. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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Help! How much should I ask for pay?

I recently finished my CFY in a school in Illinois and am currently looking for some PRN work for the summer. My friend who is an OTA has set me up with her rehab company but told me that they pay very well and to ask for whatever I want as pay. The problem is, I have no idea what would be appropriate for this setting. Since I am coming from a very low paying school based position, I do not want to sell myself short. Any advice would be appreciated!!