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[sticky post] Before You Post About Grad Schools...

Before making a "Will I get in?" post about graduate schools, please do the following:

1.  Check out this entry found here.
2.  Read past entries for ideas - Graduate School tag is a good starting place.
3.  Check the program website for the school you are applying to, many times they have information about average GPA/GRE scores, employment rate post grad, etc.

The reason we're asking this of you is because we tend to get a huge influx of graduate school posts around this time of year and many of your questions have been answered before.  If you truly cannot find your answer, feel free to post your graduate school question. =)

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Hi everyone,
Does anyone have any tips for 2nd year applicants? What would you do to improve your application? I volunteer at an after school program for special needs and a stroke organization but I am looking for other organizations...I just don't know where. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I'm also thinking of taking the GRE again. Does anyone have any good tips for studying? Did a private tutor improve anyone's score?


Can anyone answer this question?

I posted this question a few days ago.

I took 9 SLP prereqs to gain entrance to one of the CUNY schools. However, other schools only require 5 to 7 SLP prereqs. I wanted to know if the schools that only require 5 to 7 SLP prereqs only look at those classes 5 to 7 classes or will the look at all 9 SLP prereqs when I apply?

Does anyone know?

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Men in Speech Pathology

First, I appreciate everyone's posts and responses on live journal. I enjoy reading on here regularly, but this is my first time posting.

I am changing careers from linguistics to speech pathology and have been reading a few different blog posts and articles about men in speech language pathology. One recent post that I saw mentioned that it can be easier for guys to get into speech pathology grad programs because of the low percentage of men in the field. Is this true? I have already submitted my applications for masters programs, but am curious if men really have an advantage. I am aware that women make up the majority of the SLP field, but do universities really make allowances for men? I hope that if I am accepted into the programs I applied to it is because of my credentials. All the same, any thoughts?

School doesn't calculate GPA

Hello all,

Another question, this one I don't know if anyone would be able to answer, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I am an undergraduate at Brown, and being the weird Ivy that it is, it has this policy of not calculating a GPA for your transcript. I am still a couple years from applying for grad school, and I realize this is a silly question, but I was wondering if this will be a problem when I apply. 

People at Brown have told me that the lack of GPA does not hurt students when they apply for grad school, because it is just a number and the prestige of Brown is widely recognized and they send a letter explaining why they don't calculate a GPA and blah blah blah.

However, from reading this board it seems that applications for SLP schools are so competitive and GPA-focused. I realize that they could just calculate the GPA themselves, or I could include it in my resume. But I have an irrational fear that the admission officers will just glance at my transcript, see no GPA, and toss my application aside before going through the hundreds of others in the stack...

Do you think this would be a problem with the admissions officers? Has anyone come from a school with a weird grading policy like this? How did you deal with it? Am I just worrying too much?

There is hope...

I have spent the past 2+ years prepping for the journey I am about to embark on in a few days. It was long, difficult and sometimes a little painful, but it will all be worth it in the end. I have lurked on this site, and many others like it, for these past few years and have noticed some common anxieties amongst the threads. I have shared many of the same issues and want to say that it IS possible to get into a good program if you persevere.

There were a number of perceived and very real obstacles I had to overcome to enter this program. I am a male (perceived obstacle), an older student (37), had an undergraduate in psychology and a GPA of under 3.0. I knew it would be a challenge to enter this field, so I did what I could to address my weaknesses and played to my strengths.

My strengths were that I had nearly 9 years of ESL teaching experience, I am outgoing and I was willing to take some risks and make some sacrifices. To bolster my weaknesses I went back to school and for the bridge courses I would need to be eligible to apply for the program. I worked full time and took two classes a semester (including a summer) and severely curtailed my social life; I was able to achieve a 3.97.  I studied my brains out for the GRE, took it twice and managed to do very well on it the second time around. I played up my experience as an ESL teacher in my SOP and CV and explained my previous, poor performance.  I am happy to say that I was able to get into a good program and very much look forward to the next two years and my career beyond that. 

The message here is DO NOT GIVE UP! It is difficult, but not impossible. If you let your anxiety take over, you are cheating yourself of what could be your true potential. When I first began this process, I realized I would be nearly 40 by the time I begin my career. I expressed my dismay about this to a good friend, who verbally splashed my face with some cold water. To paraphrase, she said to me that I was going to be 40 in 5 years (at the time) regardless, would I rather be 40 still hating my life/job/situation, or 40 and doing what I wanted to do?  I was foolish trying to find reasons to fail; plenty of people will do that for me, why should I help them? So to that end, I started to develop my strategies for success. I was very candid and honest when I explained my weaknesses; I played to and built upon my strengths.  Anyone can do this, YOU can do this. This is how I did it, but your path may be very different. It may take a little more time than you’d like; but remember, it’s not a race, it doesn’t matter when you finish, it only matters that you finished.

Rave out.

Starting to look at grad schools...

Hi Guys!
I have started to more seriously look into grad school, but don't really know where to start. Any advice is welcomed. I am a non-CSD major (anthropology, spanish minor) who is starting my senior year this september. My grades aren't stellar, with a 3.22, but I have been improving, last in my semester  classes I had a 3.75 and before that a 3.48. I hope that this upward trend continues, but I don't see my last 60 credit hours GPA falling below a 3.5. I have worked in a day care throughout college, and have also participated in Div III varsity sports. As I am planning on taking at least one year off, I haven't taken the GRE yet. In my year(s) off I plan to either teach English abroad or work part time and volunteer part time in a hospital or nursing home. I have several questions. First, I am proficient in Spanish and am interested in working with Spanish speakers. How do I evaluate programs with bilingual/ multicultural emphases?  Second, after studying abroad, living abroad more long term is very appealing to me. How practical would going to grad school in a country that is part of the reciprocal agreement? I would probably stay abroad several years, but move back to CA within ten. I am also worried about finances. It seems that public schools, even out of state public schools are cheaper than private schools. Is this true? Are loans and personal saving my only funding options? I realize I will probably have to take out some loans, but I would prefer to delay grad school to save up money than finance my entire degree with loans.  Lastly (for the moment), should I take the GRE now, or later? I will probably apply for school before the scores expire in 5 years. Thanks!

To continue or look for other career options..

Hi all! 

I'm currently in my first semester of leveling coursework at Utah State University and hoping to finish by Dec. I am also finishing up a SLP-A program at a local community college. My reason for starting the SLPA program before the leveling coursework was to attain experience working in the field in hopes to strengthen my application as well as confirming my assumptions that I'd like the field of study. I have a gpa of 2.4 in my undergrad as a bio student (pathetic, i know) and a 3.8 from the SLPA program. I'm planning to take my GRE this summer and currently have all A's in the postbach program at Utah.

My first question has to do with Utah State being an online postbach program. I've talked to some programs in California (CSULA and CSU fullerton) and they seem to have a stigma against any online program. CSULA will not accept anyone from an online program and fullerton is have discussions about changing the way they consider students from online programs. Has anyone done the online postbach at Utah and felt it hindered their chances of being accepted? 

My second question is about my extremely low undergrad gpa. The grad programs I've talked to have said they look mostly at the gpa from the postbach/ leveling courses when reviewing applications. I'm afraid that even with strong performance in the postbach, they will look at the undergrad gpa as a red flag and toss my application aside. Has anyone had a similar situation as myself and been accepted or never accepted anywhere? 

It's so competitive out there and I feel like every slight difference can make or break your chances. 

Thanks so much for any input you can give me! I really appreciate it and have loved following this community. 

Graduate School Posters: Go Here!

Once again there's been a huge influx of graduate school posts.  I know everyone is on edge wondering if they'll get in, wondering how many schools to apply to, and wondering just about every aspect of the application process of graduate school.

I just want to remind everyone of this post.  Please read it.  It may answer your questions! Be sure to read the comments as well, as many others have chimed in with their own tips and tricks.  Feel free to add your own input!

Have a lovely day!

Debt? how much is ok for student loans?

Hello, I've posted a few times before. In a Jr in SLP at Idaho State. I'm really loving the program, but I'm quite homesick for NYC where I'm from, and where I want to end back up. I posted a few weeks ago and got some great suggestions on some NYC area grad schools that will help me get the certs I need to practice in New York State.

I'm currently on track for a 4.0 this semester and I plan on working hard and doing everything I can to get a 4.0 for each of my remaining semesters. Problem is my earlier undergrad (10+ years ago) is not quite 3.0. I'm trying to get in with a (horse riding) therapy organization (they help kids including kids with language issues), and I have several years experience babysitting professionally, including children with developmental delays. I'm also hoping I can get some sort of part time work in a lab here on campus before I graduate, but we'll see as that is competitive. Basically, I'm really trying to make up for the fact that my first half of college was not so great. But I'm not sure I'm competitive enough for the CUNYs and SUNYs.

Even still, looks like Adelphi and a few other private schools might be within my reach. But I've never taken out student loans before and it makes me nervous. I would probably need to take out money for cost of living expenses too since I'm not sure I can hold down a job that would get me enough money to pay for living in NYC. Do they lend you more than the cost of tuition? What is the job market like in NYC? Does it still look like there will be a big need for SLPs in NYC in 4 years? How much is a normal or reasonable amount of student loan debt to have after graduating with a Masters? I'd hate to be saddled with all this debt and then be forced to go back into marketing in order to pay off the loans (I'm in marketing now and desperate to leave!).