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Speech and Language Pathology
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Speech Pathology
A community for Speech-Language Pathologists/Speech Pathologists, Speech Therapists (or whatever you're called in your area!), students, clients, parents of clients and any other interested people. Post an intro, or just lurk!

The mods are phona, semplice, and rebel_melody hopefully we won't need to mod anything :D

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3. At the top, on the bar that goes across the screen, select "Join Community" and follow the steps.

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BEFORE YOU POST... if you are one of the many undergraduate students who want advice about applying to graduate school, please read this post first, and make sure to check back at older posts in the community. Yes, we are willing to offer advice but no, we cannot tell you whether or not you're likely to be accepted and after so many daily "will I get into grad school" posts, you'll find it unlikely that anyone even responds.

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