Jargon in Preschool Child's Speech


I have been working with a child (3 years; 6 months) on producing early developing sounds in one and two syllable words; he has been progressing with this goal. However, in connected speech, he continues to use jargon between words. I know this is not very uncommon with children with delays, but it tends to always be the same sound "gagaga". For example, he may say "oh gagaga apple juice" or "daddy gagaga upstairs gagaga room".

My first thought is that he may be using this sound pattern as a filler, as an attempt to produce longer phrases despite not knowing the vocabulary/language needed.

However, I wanted to see if anyone else had any other thoughts on why he may be producing these sounds. Or if anyone has any ideas on how to eliminate them??


Part-time work

For those of you that work in the school settings - do any of you do part-time work on the side? I'm debating whether or not I should pursue some part time work in home health, prn at a snf, or just something completely different. As of right now I work a full-time position for a public school system. It would be awesome to have a part-time job SLP job working with a school-age population but I'm guessing it would have to be on the weekends.

Any recommendations and/or experiences you guys care to share?

Prosody norms? help

Hi everyone!

I'm a grad student and I'm writing a diagnostic report. I'm in the process of analyzing a speech sample for prosody and fluency. Does anyone know where I can find the norms for these two things for the adolescent population?

Thank you!

Therapist looking to transition to management

I am looking for any advice on how to go about transitioning from a therapist to manager in SNF setting??? I have been searching all over the net and found very little information on my own.

Just a little bit about me. I have been working in SNF, LTC, and outpatient settings for just under 10 years. I still enjoy working with my patients in those settings (I am not a schools person) but want a new challenge despite the fact being a rehab manager is a notoriously stressful job. There are many posted positions in my area, but they all require experience in management....which brings up the age old of question of how exactly am I supposed to get experience in a job that requires experience to be hired? Without experience, I'm sure my resume automatically goes to the bottom of the pile.

Despite the open positions in my area, none are with my current company, so in-house advancement is out. My manager, though well-meaning, is more likely to think I am trying to steal her job than believe I just want to advance my career if I ask her for advice. I have supervisory experience of CFs and interns and have taken continuing education for MDS. Now I'm stuck on what to do next.

So....is there anyone out there who has any advice on how to proceed? Continuing education recommendations (preferably cheap ones)? Anyone been in a similar situation or know of other therapists who have and what you/they did? Any websites I haven't found that could provide me with useful information?

TSSLD question

Anyone working in NY who has experience with the TSSLD application process please help me out. I am beyond frustrated. I graduated over a year ago. My school says they sent proof that I completed one of the required workshops to the Board of ed...I don't see it on my teach account. For MONTHS, I have been trying to reach someone...ANYONE at the board of ed to ask them about this. I've called. They never answer. I've sent emails. They never answer. What the hell? I'm nearing the end of my CF and I can't apply to most of the jobs I see because I don't have my TSSLD. I've given them hundreds of dollars for the application+fingerprinting...spent hundreds taking and retaking those exams and I can't get my certificate because I can't. reach. ANYONE. Someone please tell my what else I should be doing????

SLPs advice for interviewing with a pediatric hospital?.. i'm a new CCC

As the subject says, I recently got my CCCs and have began the job search. I completed my CFY in a school system so I have little experience with dysphagia and eating and drinking problems. I have an interview coming up, and I was wondering if any of you fellow SLPs could please help prepare me, or direct me to some good sources. I'm looking more for theoretical and practical advice as opposed to interview skills.

The job is in a pediatric hospital!

Thank you!

Goals for Literacy

Goals for literacy

Hello all,
I have a client which I am writing goals for. I am wanting to target learning sight words, I was wondering if anyone had any therapy ideas? my client is learning to read, and I was also wondering if anyone else had any ideas as to what I should target, I was going to do prefixes, but now I am thinking of blending and harder rhyming exercises

Tx for Motor Speech/Cog

Hi everyone,

I'm completing a project for a course in which I talk about different treatment approaches for hypothetical clients. Out of the 6 I'm writing about (child language, child artic, fluency, etc.), I'm really stuck on what to do for my adult motor speech one... I was wondering what experienced SLPs would suggest for an adult following a TBI that resulted in some cognitive deficits and decreased speech intelligibility (I'm assuming flaccid dysarthria possibly?). Primary focus is on increasing intelligibility but having to keep the mild cog. deficits in mind as well. Any help is appreciated!

From School to Hospital

I have only been out of grad school for about two years and am currently starting my third year in a school district. While I love what I do, I'm looking to move to a medical setting to gain new clinical experiences. I worry that since I don't have any experience (besides my 12 week externship in a rehab hospital in 2012) in a medical setting that I will be an undesirable candidate. But how do I get experience if no one will hire someone without it?!
While I remember some things from grad school, I am sure there is a lot I don't remember since I haven't been using it.
I am wondering what are some things I can do to increase my chances of gaining employment in a medical setting. What are some areas I should definitely get familiarized with again? What are some qualities I should accentuate? I really would love a new position, but not sure if my desire to learn will be enough!
Thanks for any help!

Consonant Clusters- 4 y.o

Can anyone help clarify....

If a child (4 1/2 years old) is reducing all clusters (ie. "tar" for "star"), is there a certain sound cluster you start with (ie. s-blends vs. "p-blends)?

I have heard the most about s-blends, although I am not sure the research behind it. If s-blends are the best place to start, do you work on all types (ie. st, sn, sp-)- or do you start with just one cluster at a time?