Need for Clarification

Hi, I currently work as a SLP in an elementary school.
I have a doubt regarding interpretation and deciding eligibility based on the results obtained using CELF-5. When free, please go through the mail and let me know how I should go about.

I assessed CELF-5 for a 10year old male [currently in 5th Grade]
When considering his eligibility for Speech Language Services using CELF-5, which measures scores should I consider?

1] Test Scales Scores for each sub test : The percentile rank obtained for each sub test.
2] Core Language Score and Index Scores: The percentile rank obtained for Core Language Score, Receptive Language Index, Expressive Language Index, Language Content Index, Language Memory Index

because, the student,
has obtained lesser than 7percentile rank only in 3 sub-tests: [the other 5 sub-tests, he has a percentile score greater than 7]
Formulated Sentences - 2 Percentile Rank
Recalling Sentences - 5 Percentile Rank
Understanding Spoken Paragraphs - 5 Percentile Rank

His overall Index Scores have been affected only for:
Expressive Language Index: 3 percentile rank
Language Memory Index: 2 percentile rank

Should I consider his eligibility based on his percentile rank being lower than 7 percentile only for 2 Index scores?
In Core Language Score: he obtained 8 Percentile Rank

I have administered only 1 core language test for his as it's his Triennial assessment. I have a language sample to support my findings and reports.

With my clinical knowledge, I understand that he still requires services.

Kindly guide me through this doubt, when you have the free time.
What are your district/state guidelines for qualifying a student for a language impairment?

I haven't used the CELF-5. We haven't gotten them in yet.

Bottom line: If you can defend your decision to qualify or not to qualify based on the testing you've done, then you made the right decision.

I never go off of the numbers. They're just there as a starting point.

Dig deeper, look at what he can and can't do compared to what he SHOULD be able to do.
The CELF-5 is a stand alone test - meaning that it is possible to use each subtest on it's own. However, the subtests are combined into indices for a reason. I never rely on a single subtest and always combine them into the indices. When I report the results, I provide strengths and weaknesses - which subtests were the most difficult - why? Which were strengths - why?

Also, I look at the discrepancy between expressinve/receptive language and language content - is there a significant discrepancy?

Is there a reason you're focusing on the 7th percentile? Is that the cut off for your area?