Hello all,

I was wondering what other school based therapists use in their evaluation/assessment reports when reporting Standard Scores for the PLS-5. I know the CELF has a nifty chart that labels ranges of standard scores "borderline", "low range", etc., but I couldn't seem to find one on the PLS-5. Is there such a table that I'm missing, or if not.. what do you use in your reports to 'describe' a score?
I don't know about others... but I use the following ranges:

85+ Average
79-84 Mild
65-78 Moderate
<64 Severe

A lot of assessments don't include a description of the scores and to my knowledge, the PLS-5 doesn't have one. My district says if we do a standardized language test, an SS of 78 or less is required to qualify. Otherwise, they have to have a "moderate" impairment.