California RPE/CFY

I submitted my Required Professional Experience (RPE) application (Steps #1-5) about 2 weeks ago. How long does it usually take to process? Are we supposed to get approved for Steps #1-5 and THEN start working? Also, Steps #6-10 can be completed while doing your CFY?

I tried calling the State Board but no one ever answers the phone :/
In my (and friends') experience, it takes 8 full weeks, and don't bother trying to hurry it along because they'll stonewall you and refuse to even answer any questions until 8 weeks have passed. Your license will post on their website under "verify a license" and then you can start work even if the paper copy hasn't arrived in the mail yet.

And yes, you need to send the Praxis, graduate transcripts, clinical practicum verification form, etc. after you get the license but before 90 days have passed. Just send in the application form/money/Livescan verification now. They send a letter at the 6-month mark to tell you if anything is missing. Then at 36 weeks, you just send in the RPE completion verification form.

As far as I can tell, the phone line is just there so they can say they have a phone number. I have never once gotten a response on the phone. Email and someone usually responds in 48-72 hours.

Ok, last question, I promise!

Just to be sure --
1) Send in application, fee, and Livescan fingerprint verification
2) Wait for temporary license approval
3) Start working
4) Send in Praxis score, graduate school transcripts, clinical practicum verification form, etc

.. in that order??

Thanks so much for your help again! I went to school out-of-state so I'm trying to figure all this out on my own
Yup, that's it. Don't worry about the questions, it's nice to be able to help out when I was the confused one in your position last year, so ask away if you think of anything else.
Also, I never received any paper copy of my RPE (nor did anyone I know, anyone I know, not sure if the paperless aspect is something very recent as I just completed my CFY this month), but my temporary license status was listed on the website.
Hm, weird, they should have sent you a little card. It looks very official with ye olde english font. But as long as you know your license # it doesn't really matter. :)
I never received anything for my RPE, but the paperwork was submitted a couple weeks ago for the license, so a little card may be on the way in 6 -8 weeks!
Hi there! I'm bumping this post up. I am hoping to do my CFY in CA (from out of state) and want to make sure -- I can't submit ANY paperwork until I have a job and a supervisor lined up, correct? That's the FIRST step, right? Thanks!

Yes, that is correct. You need to have a location where you will be completing your CFY -and- a supervisor in order for the state to begin processing your RPE temporary license.

In the meantime, I recommend getting fingerprinted ASAP as that can take a couple of weeks to process through the Department of Justice. Here is the link to all the necessary paperwork that needs to be completed for RPE certification: