CFY applications

I will graduate in December, and I plan to work in a SNF. I have been tracking job postings in order to learn more about job trends. But my big question is... When do I begin applying to CFY job openings? 3 months before graduation? 1 month before graduation? after graduation? thanks!

Also... I have read everything from $25-$45/hour for a starting salary in SNF. is there really that much of a spread? i'd like to start out at $32/hour and i'm open to working in VA, TN, SC, NC, and PA. will it be difficult to find a SNF at $32/hour? thanks!
I was at a SNF in central PA that paid ~ $29/hr for my CFY. I don't know how typical that is.
Re: Choosing a Grad School based on CFY possibilities
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I applied to jobs in March and graduated in May, but since some of the jobs I applied to were school jobs, I was actually applying 5 months before the job would have started. I ended up going with a private clinic and started working as soon as my intern license was ready. Most people I knew had a job lined up at least a month or so before graduation... but that's not to say you couldn't wait longer if you needed to or wanted to.