Interview Questions

Hello everyone. I am a grad student graduating in August. In a few months, I hope to begin looking and landing a job in a SNF. I was wondering if those that are working or have worked in a SNF in the past,could provide an idea of some of the questions I can be expected to answer. I know they probably will ask questions like what are you strengths, weaknesses, why do you want to work here etc but what are some of the medical questions you were asked? I just want to be prepared for whatever they throw at me.

I just had my first CF interview yesterday for a hospital. I had to brush up on my dysphagia assessment basics and language assessment/therapy basics. They asked about what I would look for during a bedside swallow eval, the type of language therapy activities I do, etc. So I would have a real example in mind, just in case. Mind you, my only medical placement is in a SNF, and they were aware of that by looking at my resume. They asked what areas do I think I need more supervision, my areas of interest in SLP, how would I feel about their particular supervision style, etc.

Below is a GREAT link from ASHA on questions that may be asked during an interview. I reviewed the questions, answered them on my own, and the SLPs asked questions that were identical to these!!! It helped me a great deal! Good luck :-)
Just out of curiosity, where did you find a posting for a CF in a hospital? On a job website or just by directly contacting that hospital? Thanks! Good luck with the job!!
I did cold calling inquiries directly to the rehab departments and emailing my resume to rehab directors. The places that are my personal top choices don't seem to readily advertise for CF positions (ie, Veterans Affairs, university-affiliated hospitals), so it takes a little bit of doing your homework, but it's not difficult at all. That's what my whole job search has been based off of.... where do I want to work (geographically), what facilities look decent in that area, contact the department at that facility and ask. Good luck!
Also, the hospital's website usually has speech jobs listed, if available. By reading the description in detail, you may notice it says "Must have CCCs" or if it says "CCC's preferred," I take the 'preferred' part with a grain of salt because it means they are willing to take on a CF, if it's the right fit.
Depending on with whom you interview (SLP/HR/etc) you may or may not get asked case study type questions. Find out what types of therapy occur in the SNF you're applying for and brush up on that knowledge. Be upfront if you're unsure... don't try and fake it, they see right through that.

I never applied at a SNF, but when I did my school interview, one of the questions was along the lines of "you have a referral for a kindergarten who stops /t/ for /s/ and can't follow directions... how would you proceed?" In those types of questions, the answers would be different based on what setting you're going into. Clinical based you might say "refer for an assessment and qualify for therapy", in the schools, you might consider a home program or more RTI interventions. (Giving these examples because I'm awful awful awful with SNF-y type things.)

Anything is game and it varies greatly at each interview you go to. I had two school interviews that were NOTHING alike. It's hard to prepare yourself, just go in there knowing what you know. They already know you're a CF, which means you're fresh out of grad school (or will be soon)... so they shouldn't expect you to know everything under the sun about SLPing.

Make sure you have a list of questions to ask too. Ask about salary, supervision/supervisor, provided materials, productivity, types of therapy you'll be responsible for, benefits, if they pay for mileage, licensing, CEUs, time off you'll get.. and all of that.
You might be asked about how you would proceed with a client's difficult relatives. I was asked how I would respond to a parent demanding that I increase weekly therapy time for a child with moderate articulation errors who was making good progress with their present weekly time. Think about how you would respond to relatives' questions.
I did my CF in a SNF and continue to work there. I was asked about dementia, Alzeimer's Disease, spaced retrieval, how I feel about picking up low-low level patients, how would I help a pt. remember where his/her room is, etc. Lots of recall stuff, and dysphagia! Also might want to brush up on Passy Muir valves.