Therapy ideas-- any suggestions?!

Working on /th (voiced and voicless),and l blends/. Need some more (fun!) ideas/ activities to elicit sounds in conversation (word/sentence level has reached mastery). Epenthesis occurs in /l/ blends with schwa insertions

Typically use games and rewards such as tokens, bingo, basketball, etc...but I need help with some creative ideas I can use for conversational speech activities for a boy, and a girl. (ages 5-9)

Any ideas/ fun activities for pronouns? For pronouns we are working on sentences and conversation.

Thanks for ANY help in advance :)

Read a book together and talk about the book, pick one with LOTS of their sounds.

Play games and just find something random to talk about that you think might elicit their sounds (brother, mother, father, etc)

Conversational speech is more about carryover than anything. If they have it in sentences well, it should be emergining in conversation.

You could have a conversation and each of you keep a tally, or ring a bell when you hear the other make the sound wrong. That'll bring awareness to it and you can say "I bet I can make less mistakes than you. Kids love to play those sorts of games."

I don't really have any fun ideas for pronouns. You could always gather a bunch of items or pictures and go "shopping" with a boy and a girl. "That is her dress. She has new shoes. He bought a baseball bat. They bought a board game." Etc.