Continuing education during CFY?

I just received a notice in the mail asking me to pay $25 to protect my continuing education records by joining the ASHA CE Registry. I am about to start my CFY. Does it make sense for me to pay this? I wasn't sure whether we had to do continuing ed during the CFY or if it was just to maintain licensure once we have our CCC. 

Also, does it make sense to pay for ASHA membership as a CF? I can get a reduced rate as a new grad, but I wasn't sure how it would benefit me to be a member during the CF.

I apologize if someone has already asked these...I looked, but couldn't find anything in past postings.


You do not need CEUs for ASHA during your CFY. You will, most likely, need them for your state licensure - but not for ASHA.
If you took advantage of one of the free webinars by or that's probably why you received the notice. When you send the paperwork to them, they send it to ASHA (who sends you the notice to join if you hadn't already - and it's completely optional).

As far as joining ASHA. When I was in my CFY, I called them to see what I needed to do. They said to NOT apply for membership until I had completed my CF. At that point, I needed to submit my paperwork and dues. I took advantage of the "gift to the grad" pricing discount (the discount for new grads). So, I'd wait until you complete your CF, THEN use your discount - gift for the grad.

I just keep track of my CEUs in a folder to copy and submit them to my state licensing agency. Particularly since ASHA doesn't require them except every 3 years - and then not for a while. For instance, if you received your CCCs in May 2010 - your ASHA CEUs renewal period would be from 2011-2013 so they'd have to be submitted in December 2013.
Thanks! Unfortunately, my "gift for the grad" discount expires at the end of this I'll have to pay full price when my CFY is complete. I don't know why they made it expire 3 months after I graduate...not much of a gift if we don't need the membership during the CFY!

Thanks for the info!
It doesn't expire 3 months after you graduate. It's August 31 of the year AFTER you graduate. So if you graduated in May 2011, it's Aug. 31, 2012 that it expires.

This is from the ASHA website at

"2011 grads must submit ASHA membership and certification application by August 31, 2012."

So if you're in your CFY now, you'll be done by May 2012 and still have 3 months to get your ducks in a row and paperwork submitted.

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Oh, nice! I hope you're right. I got an email saying: "Join ASHA between May 1 and
August 31, 2011 and you'll receive membership and certification through December 31, 2012." Hopefully it was a typo...
That's the email that prompted me to call (which you can certainly do). When I called, I was worried about the conversion rate and whether or not I needed to keep my NSSLHA membership (which I couldn't because I wasn't in school) or join ASHA or what. I was told that as long as I had my NSSLHA membership 2 years before I graduated (and at graduation), then I was fine to wait the year before joining and it would still count.

But truly, if you're still concerned, give them a call. They're very helpful.
What montanamary said. I emailed ASHA to make sure of this and was told that I could apply in the summer of 2012 to get the discount; if I apply next summer, I should have membership through 2013. I just graduated this year. The wording on the website is kind of confusing!