/l/ blends

does anyone have tips/strategies on how to target /l/ blends? absolutely anything would be appreciated since I have yet to reach this point in my classes and my supervisor is at a loss at what to do with this student as well.

I'd start with sounds that are close to /l/ in production. /s/, /t/ are a good place to start as they're in similar places in the mouth.
Try successive approximations.
thanks. unfortunately i don't exactly know what that is, although I have heard the term and I think I kind of have an idea. i'll look it up though and we'll give it a go.
Can your client say /l/ in isolation and in words? If so you could start at the word level with the /l/ blends using picture cards and drill play (depending on the age of the client).
thank you!

I know he can at least say /l/ in the initial and final position in words from observation. I don't know him very well and his speech is pretty unintelligible as well as echolalic. He is in high school.

unfortunately i know absolutely nothing about articulation since i taking my class right now and we have had 2 classes.