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Hi there! Today was my first day having a session with an adult who has had a stroke- she was two years post CVA and has awesome receptive skills. That being said, we're mainly going to work on confrontational naming, and my supervisor came up with this AWESOME activity for it, and all you need is a deck of cards! I just want to share it, and maybe in exchange, get some ideas in return or resources to check out to get some more activities like this. You assign each color a category- for example, red is fruits and black is cities, and then as you lay each card down, the client has to appropriately name the card. After 5 cards, pick them all up and hide them, and have the client recall their choices. If you really want to make it tricky, you can have them reverse the order of recall, as well. You can use the cards for basically any category, too- vegetables, clothes, countries, states, numbers, three letter words, etc!

So, do you have any go-to, fun activities that target verbal expression and confrontational naming? I have worksheets I can look to, but really, worksheets get boring REALLY quick! Thanks for any input, and have a good one!
can you clarify? i was under the impression that confrontation naming was naming of an item presented and generative naming was more like what you described above as far as providing category members.

either way, this is a nice idea and i might steal it for a few of my tbi patients.

in exchange...ive seen some of the OTs do this activity which is great for language, divided attention, etc.....they toss a bean bag or something back and forth and at each toss, they take turns naming a category member by going through the alphabet. like "girls names" abigail, beth, candy, etc. or cities "atlanta, baltimore, concord"....certainly this can be modified, but its something different.
i agree...i always learned that confrontational naming involved naming objects/items presented to the client. This sounds almost more like a word fluency, mental manipulation and/or memory exercise to me.

I like doing a category matrix on a large dry erase board. Basically draw a a table with 5 rows and 5 columns. Assign each column a category (for example - states, girl's names, animals and kitchen items). Give each row a letter. Have the client fill in the matrix with category items that begin with that letter. It might look like this

states girl's names animals kitchen items
W Wyoming Winona Wildabeast Waffle maker
F etc.

I also like the classic memory exercise 'I'm going to the beach and I'm going to bring a...'. Go back and forth listing items in A-Z order until you get to the end of the alphabet. My clients are always surprised when they can remember the whole sequence. You can also vary it to 'I'm going on a picnic...' etc. and only list foods.

And then there is always the rip-off of 'Guess Who' to get clients problem-solving on asking questions to find out information. We also vary this game to 'Guess Where'. We flip through the phone book to find a good business and then clients have to take turns asking questions to determine what type of business it is...for example - What does this shop sell, etc.
Maybe I was thinking more along the lines of divergent naming... my supervisor may have just used "confrontational" in trying to describe the environment- slightly stressful, under pressure, etc.

I like the dry erase board idea! We have a large group, and that could definitely be interesting!

I also like the OT idea, but a lot of my patient's have had strokes, and would have a hard time catching with only one hand. Throwing a beanbag could probably be substituted with stacking dominoes, or something of the sort, though? Thanks!
confrontation naming, naming, and generative task
i'm a logopedy french student and i have to read english articles. In articles, the author talk about "naming task, confrontation naming and generative naming". i want to be sure of its means :
- confrontation naming : the therapist shows pictures and the patient has to name

- generative naming = fluency. The therapist says a topic or a letter and the patient has to say lot of names

naming task : confrontation naming + comprehension naming + generative naming

thanks for any input, it 's very important.