IPA question..

Okay I am still working on speech assessment and now doing list of phonemic errors. I have following word and confused as to initial, medial and final postions..

dɪdəm for getting

I have denoted following errors please advise if correct or not and what I am mssing..

Initial position: d/g
Medial: I/ɛ, ə/I
Final: m/ ŋ

Is this correct? sorry to bother everyone. you can tell I am very much a rookie at all this..
Essentially. Typically (and please know - it's typically - every professor is a bit different). Vowels are not typically considered "medial." vowels are vowels.

For my purposes: Initial would be the d/g, medial d/t, and final m/ng.

My questions to you are:

Are you sure about the /m/ at the end. I would have expected the child to substitute /n/ for "ng" (I do have some that have /n/ /m/ confusion - but that's a different issue.

yes it is an m for certain. so vowels if pronounced in error are not considered phonemic errors?
Vowels are considered phonemic errors. What I said is that vowels are not typically marked as initial/medial/final.

Initial, medial, final is marked as where the consonant sound is within a word or syllable.

"The terms initial, medial, and final are used to denote sound locations at the beginning, middle, or end of a word, respectively..."

"That is, a sound at the bginning of a syllable is said to release the syllable, whereas a sound at the end of a syllable is said to arrest the syllable. Medial sounds occur somewhere within a word or syllable..."
Shriberg, L & Kent, R. (2003) Clinical Phonetics, 10.

Vowels are the heart of the syllable - so we don't mark where they are in relationship to the consonant. We mark consonants (prevocalic "do", postvocalic "odd",(initial, final). Medial (intervocalic) occurs typically between two syllables (odo).