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Argh, I'm so sorry to be asking so much, but I'm confused about yet another thing:

At this site for California State San Marcos, it says: Major/Program objective; CREDENTIAL ONLY

I know credential program means like teaching program, but is that what this is? You'd be qualified to teach afterward?

Also, does it matter whether it's a Master of Science or Master of Art degree in speech language pathology? And some of the schools listed on ASHA have $0.00 for tuition. Is this even possible, or did they just not bother putting the tuition? You generally pay for a Masters degree, right?

Also, what is the deal with online programs? Legit / not legit? The two I know of are U of Northern Colorado and East Carolina U. Any experiences with that?

Thank you!!!
Everything else I've read on the San Marcos site points to a regular MA, with just a school focus, I think it is just a weirdness in their application process. However, this would be my warning about the San Marcos program, this fall would be their first cohort. Which means they have not been accredited yet (which won't matter if they end up being fully accredited, but if they don't it could cause some problems for you) and if you go into a program early during its existence you get to be a guinea pig as they work the kinks out.

A lot of programs don't provide full information to ASHA. For some of them, you will find little more than the clinic director's name. Doesn't mean they have no tuition, furthermore, the information provided on the ASHA site is just tuition per unit, often times there are other fees, so you'll want to check directly on the individual school sites. EdFind is actually only a few years old, and reporting information isn't mandatory, so it definitely has some limitations as a resource.
Their first cohort? Did you find this information on their website? Their website is one of the more confusing ones I've seen. Or maybe that was the Northridge one. Blah. I don't remember if applying to college was this much of a headache!

But thanks for the info. Probably won't apply there. Know of any other schools I should watch out for?
Yes this is their CSU San Marco's first entering class this fall. They've been trying to set it up for years.
Most online programs are legit. UNC-Greeley definitely is. I know of a few SLPs who have graduated from there and are working. With UNC-Greeley you work as a speech Aide while taking classes via distance/video/conference call. You are required to take one semester on campus - usually summer.

Credential doesn't mean "teaching" so much as it means working in schools. You'd be able to work in a school, but not in private practice, nursing home, etc.
Not sure but I think credential only just means that a degree from this school would only allow you to work in schools. So you wouldn't be prepared for any adult therapy settings.

Also, just FYI: I heard from a friend that CSU San Marcos will be $500 per unit for everyone. To me, that's quite a lot for a brand new program that only prepares you to work in schools. (Especially when all the the other CSU schools don't have per unit tuition for residents and are $372/unit if you are out of state.) Also, this could be a good or bad thing for you, but apparently they do interviews instead of looking at GRE scores.
LOL! Uh, no, it is NOT free...
They will prepare you to get a speech language pathology credential to work in schools only. So you won't be prepared to work in adult/ hospital type placements.

I also heard that, if you want that adult /hospital placements you'll have to find it yourself.
Sounds like it isn't ideal for someone working with adults, but doesn't like it will solely allow someone to work in the schools. If you look deeper into the website, they talk about it leading to an MA, and that it prepares students for all areas of the field (although it has an education focus). Direct quotation from the website:

"This program has a focus on practice in the public schools, but will prepare individuals to practice across the entire scope of the field."


the title of the degree is: Application for the M.A. in Education, Option in Communicative Sciences and Disorders

I really think the site that says credential only is for the credential programs (despite mentioning the MA programs on the left hand column), not for any of their MA programs. The idea that this is a credential only is not consistent with the rest of the information about the degree.
I was recently accepted to CSUSM, and went through their interview process. From speaking with grads from the first cohort, 100% of their class is employed in schools, clinics, and hospitals. The emphasis is on education, though the coursework is slowly shifting to include hospitals as well. However, you are fully prepared to work in any and all settings as an SLP.

Interview process
This is one of the few "blogs" I have found that offers information regarding CSUSM's Speech Pathology program. I am going through their prereq program right now and then I will be applying to the full time Master's program soon.

Would you be willing to share your experiences during the interview process? How many people were on the interview panel? What types of questions were asked? Were you accepted after the interview?
Re: Interview process
@Robert :

I'm a first year in the program right now. The interview process includes two, same-day individual interviews that focuses on content knowledge. There is also a same-day group interview portion so the faculty can see what you contribute to the group and how you interact with others. I found out about a week+ after the interview that I was accepted. Hope this helps!