Final consonant deletion

Hey everyone!!

I was wondering if anyone has any good therapy suggestions for final consonant deletion. I'm working with the preschool population, and am having difficulty in the creativity department!! :)

One of my Grad School clients has FCD and basically, we just do drill with her, making sure to give her as many cues as we can when she needs them to get those final consonants on.

We play games and do just general crafts. Say the card five times and get your next piece for the game/craft. I'd start with sounds she can say and use words with those sounds as the final consonants to encourage generalization of those quicker.

I know Super Duper also has a lot of phonology materials that target FCD, because we have them in my Grad School Clinic.
Is the child able to hear the difference? I use FCD Cards (TIE - Type, PIE -PIPE, etc. they're from super duper). We play a card game - you can play go fish (just don't be too much of a stickler for the rules if your kiddo is little). If you don't want to play go fish, lay the pairs out and then have the kiddo "slap" the one you say.

When they know a lot of the words and are able to discrimination, I do a craft project with them or play with lego's, Chipper Chat is awesome for this as well. Lay the card down - and then when they say it correctly, they get the next piece. After they've earned a few pieces they get a moment or so to play with them.

Since FCD is a phono disorder, I'm not a big fan of drill and repeat. But, I do believe they need to know the difference between the two words - and they need to be able to say both type of words (with and without final consonants).

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