Utah State Online Classes

Hey Guys,

I know a bunch of people have taken courses through utah state's online speech program.  I want to redo a couple of my undergrad classes (i have finished my degree in speech but what to retake classes that i did poorly in before applying to grad school..) anyways, I was wondering if anyone has experience with COMD 3100 and/or 3500 (anatomy and phonetics).  I have already taken them previously but have never done an online class so i'm concerned about the time.  I will be working full time too.  Does anyone have any suggestions for taking both of these classes at once?  I am afraid i am putting too much on my plate, I will also be taking 1 graduate course.  Any input would be fabulous! Thank you!!! 
I've taken both of those classes at USU. I felt like Phonetics was not that demanding of me time-wise, but it's something that comes easy to me. I really like the professor for that class (Sonia Manuel-Dupont). If I remember correctly, she does not require the exams to be proctored, which made scheduling much easier for me.

Even though I feel like I struggled a little more with Anatomy, I still got an A, despite taking another class (Language Science)and working over 40 hrs/week. There's a lot of reading and memorization, which requires more time (at least for me), but I was able to pull it off. Dr. Child's exams do require a proctor. There were no assignments, but there were unproctored quizzes, which were timed, but you can retake them for a better score.

I hope this helps some!! I wish I could remember more specific details, but it's been a while since I've taken either of those.

Best of luck!
Thank you so much! that really helps. I wish there was a cookie cutter plan to get into grad school but i'm willing to do whatever it takes! and I think that by retaking some classes is a good way to go. If you don't mind me asking, how many classes did you take while working full time?
No problem. I'm glad to help, if I can :).

That's a tough question, because depending on what stage of the project I'm on, my job can be anywhere from 40-115 hrs/wk! Insane? VERY! Just one of many reasons I'm looking forward to changing careers ;).

Anyway, because of that, I usually don't take more than 1 class per semester. However, if I know in advance that I'll be working 40-50 hrs/wk throughout an entire semester, I'll take 2 classes. I believe I was working about 40 hrs/wk at the beginning of the semester that I took Anatomy and Language Sciences and probably closer to 60 hrs/wk by the end.

Although it was stressful at times, I was able to pull off an A in each class. I also (most likely) have ADD. I think what I'm trying to say is that even if it's not necessarily easy, it's doable.
Sorry to jump in on you guys' conversation, but I have a similar question. I too, just finished undergrad, and honestly I did really poorly in a lot of my classes (I'm a Linguistics major). I'm hoping to retake them and also take some SLP prerequisites.

My question is how this fares on grad school apps? Do grad schools generally like seeing this, and would this help at all in getting into a SLP program?
I don't know anything about how grad schools view that, but I'd imagine that it would look better for you to step up and prove yourself than it would to have poor grades in the past with no proof that you've gotten yourself back on track. That's just a guess, though.

I'm still taking pre-reqs at this point, so I don't really even have anyone I could ask.

Good luck!! I'd say go for it and do your best to show that you're serious about your goal to become an SLP.
I work fulltime and taking comm 3500. prof. Manuel Dupont teaches class and is absolutely wonderful. if you do a bit each day it is easy. her exams are not proctored and you get to take them twice she accepts highest grade. I think you should be able to handle it. i'm doing comm 2500 at same time..
thank you so much for the response! I think i will go ahead and take both at once. I am only nervous because I am also taking a graduate class in PDD disorders. All 3 are online and I have no experience with that either. I am on a school schedule (8-330) so I think I would be okay with time and whatnot. I'm pretty good at time management but I also don't want to be in over my head and wasting the money.
It's funny you mention that because I was thinking the same thing - my last year in speech as a Bach's went pretty badly due to surgery absences so I always wondered what I could do to improve upon it all...

So you think you'll follow through with it? I just might if the price is right, I think...
I'm in 3100 now and it's definitely time consuming, but if you're willing to devote the necessary time and energy to the class you should be fine. Professor Child is good and the class is run well and in my (very nerdy) opinion pretty interesting :-P