Undergraduate Internships

Have any of you come across SLP-specific internships? I realize it's cutting it close if I'm going to find one for the summer, but I'm holding out for something. Unfortunately, most of the news I've heard is that there are very few out there, or that most of them are for grad students (or even CFY students only).

I did apply for an internship at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU, but I didn't get in. :( It would have cost me about $1000 in housing plus food and travel, so I might not have been able to do it anyway, but it was one of the few internships I've found that has hands-on clinical experience for undergraduates.

Unless I'm just really bad at searching this stuff, it's kind of disappointing that there are so few ways to really get involved hands-on clinically until you're in grad school. I'd like to get more involved besides just doing my observation hours, but all the things I'm doing seem like I have to make it work to fit with speech pathology because they're not really made for the field. Anyone else?
I would highly recommend volunteering. Like the poster above, people really love the free help! I volunteered with a number of SLPs during my undergrad, and I learned so much. Volunteering looks great on a grad school application as well. You could even have a few different volunteer placements over the summer so that you can gain experience working with different populations and with different settings. All of my volunteer placements have been very hands-on. I often carried out therapy under the SLPs supervision!