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License after attending out of state school
rmj18 wrote in speechpathology
I am from IL and will be looking for a job in the IL schools upon graduating with my master's this May.  My graduate degree will be from an out of state university (NC).

My question is will I need to obtain certification first in NC and then immediately apply again to IL? Or do I apply directy for IL licensure/certification? I obviously would love to skip over the step of applying for NC licensure since I will not be working there. I've tried to contact a few people about this and I seem to be getting conflicting answers.

I know it's not uncommon for people to go out of state for grad school, has anyone else gone through this process before? I am completely overwhelmed with exactly what steps I need to be taking, so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

need advice
nowimnowhere wrote in speechpathology
I have a student who I see for language therapy (15 minute sessions 3x/week). Her Core Language,Receptive, and Expressive standard scores are all significantly low 60's range. Autism has been ruled out by the ADOS team - saying that she needs therapy to address requesting/initiating and starting conversations, etc in the pragmatics area... however, this student is highly defiant when it comes to participating in anything (in the classroom, EC room, everywhere). I've tried bringing in interesting/stimulating activity materials for therapy... to very low stimulating materials.. and half of the time I try to see her she doesn't want to participate. She's seen behavioral coach after behavioral coach and the classroom situation still hasn't progressed... everyone at this point is pointing to some sort of emotional disorder possibly. She has a one-on-one, and is restrained at least 5x/week by staff... just to give you an idea. I've heard teachers talking to themselves about how 'if you could just help her communicate better then she would behave and wouldn't lash out". ?? I'm sure her low language abilities play a part in her everyday interaction with others (even though she has friends in the classroom), but am I completely wrong when I think that she may be just a student who is highly defiant/the product of a bad home environment and inappropriate discipline? I mean.. how much progress can even be made when you have a student who won't participate in anything you have to offer? I'm afraid increasing her time will just make things worse, and no progress will be made.. having the blame being placed on me. Sorry, but this is something is stressing me out. What should I communicate to the teachers? Am I missing something?

Goal to increase vocal intensity ?
sunnyslp wrote in speechpathology
A 9 year old student was referred for a voice evaluation because she uses a 'soft voice' and the teacher/peers have a hard time listening to her in the classroom. She is usually shy and interacts only with those whom she feels comfortable with. She does not seem to have any physiological causes. Is it appropriate to write a goal that target on increasing vocal intensity because of its educational impact ?. If yes, how should the goal be written ? (e.g xx will increase awareness to vocal loudness within the classroom , xx will use appropriate voice as measured by a five point vocal intensity scale)

Please share your thoughts. Thank you !

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