Grad Schools That Don't Require GRE

I know I asked this question a while ago, and since neither myself or anyone else could come up with a list, I decided to do a little researching. So here's the list! I figured this may reassure anyone who is applying for grad school in the near future :).

These are all of the schools that said on their websites that they do not require the GRE, a few that will accept the MAT in place of the GRE, and a few schools that I'm not sure about and ones that don't require you to have a minimum of 1000. 

If anyone finds anything wrong with the list or knows of a school I missed, please tell me and I'll add it right away!

*Edit: Updated to include all of the schools in the comments! :)

No GRE Required
California State University, Fullerton
College of St. Rose, New York (Albany) 
California State University, East Bay, (Hayward)
Central Michigan University, Michigan (Mount Pleasant)
CUNY-Lehman College, New York
Fontbonne University, Missouri (St. Louis)
Governors State University, Illinois (University Park)
Long Island University, New York (Brooklyn)
Mercy College, New York (Dobbs Ferry)
Nova Southeastern University, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale-Davie)
San Francisco State University, California (San Francisco)
San Jose State University, California (San Jose)
Teacher's College, Columbia (New York)
Texas State University San Marcos, Texas (San Marcos)
University of Arkansas, Arkansas (Fayetteville)
University of Central Missouri, Missouri (Warrensburg)* Maybe, unable to find on website.
University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma
University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Wisconsin (River Fall) *GRE is optional 

Requires GRE but will Accept MAT
Northeastern State University, Oklahoma (Tahlequah)
Worcester State College, Massachusetts (Worcester)
Northeastern University, Massachusetts (Boston)
University of Rhode Island, Rhode Island (Kingston)
University of Montevallo, Alabama (Montevallo)

Requiring GREs of 900 or Less
Arkansas State University, Arkansas (Jonesboro)- GRE Requirement of 790
Ball State University, Indiana (Muncie)
Minot State University, North Dakota (Minot) -GRE Requirement 800
University of Louisville, Kentucky (Louisville)
Western Carolina University, North Carolina (Cullowhee)
Witchita State University, Kansas (Witchita)
University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi (Hattiesburg) says most undergrads have GRE scores of 850
Thanks! Too bad my first choice grad program still requires it. I do, however, see my second choice listed there... so maybe if I don't do so well on the GRE, I'll just not submit my scores and I'll apply to my second choice.
Oh just wanted to add:

Worcester State College and Northeastern University in Massachusetts will accept the MAT. It does not mention it on the Northeastern Uni. website but I contacted the graduate admissions and they confirmed this.
Northeastern University Boston
I know worcester State accepts the MAT but according to Northeastern's website, they only accept the GRE.

But I haven't confirmed it with the graduate admissions at Northeastern.
Thanks for the list. I wish it could help me, but alas, as an out of field student I get the short end of the stick. Unfortunately my first choice, Appalachian, just recently decided to do away with accepting the MAT. However, I think you can make a 900 and still get in. Western Carolina also requires a 900.
I am quite sure that SUNY Fredonia does not require the GREs. I will be applying there this year because it is also supposed to be a great program. The GREs are becomming a PITA.
Wow this is amazing I was just about to go through all of the school websites and do the same. Thanks a lot for putting together this list!
This was SOOO! helpful. Something to be aware of, I am about to apply to ASU, Arkansas State, where I am at now for undergrad. They require only that you get 790. After that, my advisor says they throw them out, so it's not competitive on the scores. I don't know what you call that or I would google for more schools like that.
fresno st. (aka cal state fresno)
requires the gre, but i've heard the average of the accepted MA students is around 700, and besides they only count it as about 10% of the overall application.
Aw thank you! I'm just glad that it helps everybody out. :) Good luck with applications! :)
Thank you!
I just wanted to say thanks for this list! It has helped me so much as I am Canadian and this GRE business isn't for me haha. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it so much :)
Difficult schools?
I was wondering if anyone knew of schools in this list that were more difficult or easy to get into than others? I need a back up school incase I don't get into my first choice that is more lenient in letting people in. Thanks
I love you. Thanks so much for this amazing list. I just finished the gre today and didn't even break 800. I was about to give up and settle for a desk job for the rest of my life. Thank you again.
So... I have this serious fear of the GRE. I don't want to take it, I'm scared to take it, I would never forgive myself for making less than 1000. This is just what I needed... I wanna end up in NY anyway and most of the colleges are there. This is perfect. THANK YOU.
Thank you so much....... i was about to give up researching the universities in the US.....but this lists refreshes me to give a second try.......

Spring Entry
What about schools that accept in the Spring? I know that doesn't happen often either... Can someone email me at if you know of any? Any time, any day... I know VSU (Valdosta State Univ.) is one of them.
Texas State Univesity
Just so you know...Texas State in San Marcos..does require the GRE min. of 900 least that is what I found on the website. Tracy ~Denton Tx.
Re: Texas State Univesity
I just called Texas St. University in San Marcos and the dept. head of Communications disorders said they do not require GRE scores. Just wanted to let yall know.
I wish
Actually, SFSU does require GRE scores, I'm applying for the grad Anthropology program, scores are a must and I'm pretty sure the other Cal States do too.
Re: I wish
Well, according to their Communication Sciences and Disoders department, there is zero mention of the requiring the GRE so that's what I based it on. As for the others, I'll check again but I'm almost positive they don't require GREs for their program. Maybe it's because Anthropology is in a different college?
Cal State East Bay and San Jose State definitely do not require it. I don't think it is a CSU mandate.
University of Alabama
I am in undergrad. at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and they accept both the GRE and the MAT. They told me to try to make 1000 on the GRE, but will consider lesser scores depending on GPA, volunteer work, etc. I can't remember right now what they require on the MAT. I love the program here. It has really grown in the past couple of years and all the teachers are wonderful!
can anyone tell me if University of Maryland requires the GREs?
Ughhh I have to comment here. It's so goddam depressing, the head of the speech dept. at my undergrad. hates my guts b/c I'm having trouble with my independent project. I got a decent GRE score (well over 1000) so I know I deserve to get into any grad. program but now without a good reco. from her, I can't get into the grad program of my undergrad. institution and maybe I won't get into others. This really sucks!!! In my case, I actually wish that more weight was given to the GRE for speech grad. programs.
Hey, the University of Maryland has a program, that is good to know.
SUNY Fredonia does require the GRE for their speech program.
Just wanted to thank you for this post! It's a BIG time saver. I also wanted to let you know that SUNY (Fredonia) does require the GRE. :( I recently received an email and she that it is a requirement. Not sure about the minimum scores though.
anyone here think a school that does not require it is a lessor school?
Re: does...
I don't think so but that is just an opinion...besides if they are ASHA approved you should be good to go!
SJSU should not be on this list...
Hey guys,

Just a heads up: San Jose State University DOES require a GRE test, it should not be on this list.
Re: SJSU should not be on this list...
I've contacted SJSU and they DO NOT require it. I'm not sure where the misunderstanding is but either way, it's probably best for each individual to call and find out before applying!