ASHA convention

Hey guys, I'm currently a grad student who will be graduating in December. I was wondering if those that have attended the convention can tell me if it’s worth it to attend. What were your experiences? Did anyone get job leads there? Are the CEU’s offered good/interesting? Please provide any general insights either positive or negative. Thanks.
I don't know about your state, but our CEUs didn't count until after we got our CCCs/License. So, I would look at what your license requires as far as CEUs goes. However, you might look at what courses will be offered and see if any interest you. If a lot of them spark you interest, it might be good to go.

Does your state have an SLP Association? Ours has a convention every year where local districts, companies, and contract companies interview. I would think it would be better to attend one in your state than ASHA for jobs.
It's neat to go as a graduate student, I think. I went to the presentations on the content areas that interested me. The SIG presentations cost a lot and with the cost of convention I didn't want to pay more. I went mostly because I wasn't sure if I would have the opportunity to go again anytime soon. Now that I work in an SNF I know I won't be going for a while and I'm glad I had the chance to at least see a lot of what it's all about. Going with classmates you know helped it not be so overwhelming. It is a very large conference.
You wont get CEUS as a student (and I dont think until you've gotten your CCCs). It's an interesting conference filled with innovators and ideas and all that fun stuff. I went a couple year ago and I'm glad I did, as I got to see some of the "big names" in speech speak which was pretty cool.

I've only gone once in 6 years of working though---it can be pricey with travel and everything and I can get the same # of CEUs at my state convention.

If it's held someplace you'd like to visit, I'd say it's worth a go.