Loan Forgiveness

Does anyone know of any Loan Forgiveness programs that school-based SLPs can apply and qualify for in regards to their student loans?
There is the public service loan forgiveness program, which sets you up on income based repayments. I believe you make payments for ten years and then (in theory) the remaining balance is forgiven. I say in theory because it hasn't been a full ten years since it started. You cant miss a payment at all, and there are other things you have to keep track of, so you have to do your research for sure!
To clarify, the ten years do not have to be in a row. I.e., you have to make 120 payments (12 monthly payments x 10 years) that are made while working in a public service field (non profit, schools, federal employment all usually count, while SNFs and private practices unless non profit usually do not). So you could have a job for 5 years in the schools, go somewhere else for a few years that doesn't count towards the PSLF while still making income-based repayments, then go somewhere else like a VA or a nonprofit hospital for 5 more years and make the same payments towards PSLF. So it may take you, say, 150 payments total, while only 120 of them count towards PSLF. This is just one scenario. Point being -- don't get stuck in a job you don't like for years and years just because it's public service and counts towards PSLF. There are many options for it and you can skip around (of course doing 120 pmts straight is most efficient).
I'm so happy I saw this. (I'm not out of school yet, but I know it's something I'll have to consider). Thank you for the clarification.
We can apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness... and I've also heard of some SLPs who work in the schools being able to apply for the teacher loan forgiveness.
I'm in the program, and it's my understanding that it would not. Even if you are placed in a school, you are technically working for the agency, which is a for-profit company.