[sticky post] Before You Post About Grad Schools...

Before making a "Will I get in?" post about graduate schools, please do the following:

1.  Check out this entry found here.
2.  Read past entries for ideas - Graduate School tag is a good starting place.
3.  Check the program website for the school you are applying to, many times they have information about average GPA/GRE scores, employment rate post grad, etc.

The reason we're asking this of you is because we tend to get a huge influx of graduate school posts around this time of year and many of your questions have been answered before.  If you truly cannot find your answer, feel free to post your graduate school question. =)

How to find the right graduate school?

So I'll be in my final year of undergrad coming this semester and am possibly considering taking a year off to find the right graduate school for me. Only problem is I'm not even certain how to even go about that. I'm not certain what credentials I should be looking for of what types of program options are even out there. If someone could please steer me in this direction, I'd be so grateful.

My background: overall gpa: 3.5 with a 3.6 in the major. Undergraduate in Brooklyn college. I am not looking to apply to many, if any at all, New York schools. I have my hopes set on Schools in California but am reasoning my options to look in other states. As of this time I am attempting to learn Italian, Russian and ASL being how I am monolingual and am looking to become a more competitive well rounded candidate.

I have no experience working with children or those with special needs. I am looking to shadow an SLP sometime soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and your help.



I'm saying goodbye to the Big Apple and moving back to Florida. I have to renew my license though before I move down there. Anyway, I was just hoping someone can confirm with me that if I take my CEUs now they will count towards my renewal for 2015. I'm pretty sure they will but I just wanted to be 100%.

Please and thank you!

Social Games

Does anyone have any ideas on how to work on social skills with a 2 year old with autism? I am trying to get him to interact socially with me. He has no interest in most toys. When I try to get him to play he will only participate if he can use his mother's hands to do it (for example, ball rolling). His attention span is also a huge issue.


How do I resign from a PRN position?

I have a full time position in the schools and picked up a home health PRN position. I was so excited and grateful to be hired (since it's a bit difficult getting hired in a medical setting if your background is in the school setting) that I didn't really question the company.

Although I enjoyed working with adults I found the lack of training, support, and abundance of paperwork overwhelming. There was no one to ask questions and I had to figure it out on my own. The pay isn't bad but it is not worth the headache. I am about to begin a new school year and feel that I should walk away from this position.

How would you go about resigning?

School SLPs serving MS/HS populations ?

After working in SNF/ Home Health for a few years, I am switching back to schools and a little nervous as I will be primarily serving MS and some HS students and most experience I have with younger children.

Any advice/recommendations re: therapy materials, scheduling etc with this population would be helpful....it's been quite a few years now.

Thanks in advance!

Switching to schools

I call it the wedding dress phenomenon...you know when the thing you start out thinking is gonna be horrible ends up being what you choose and love? I always thought I would never wear a strapless dress on my big day, had been in too many god awful strapless bridesmaid dresses to even consider it, but in the end I picked a strapless dress and loved it.

Well, I went into SLP knowing I would NEVER work in public schools. Even chose more medically-based electives in grad school cuz that's what I was into...and more specifically, I was into NOT being a school SLP. I had heard too many horror stories about caseloads and IEPs yada yada (over the years and in reading this forum ans others i see that my perceptions were obviously unbalanced!).

I've been in geriatric acute care for a couple years since graduating and I am burnt out.

I want to start a family.

I miss working with kids.

I seriously miss doing artic therapy!! Is that weird?

I know I am technically licensed to work in schools, but by no means do I feel qualified. I can also probably get a schools job pretty easily...but how do I know if I am walking into something terrible?

Any advice on how to prepare myself would be much appreciated.

(I am also considering private practice jobs which may not have as much to learn in terms of institutional paperworky type stuff.)

Regionally accredited requirement?

I just graduated from a school in Minnesota with my Bachelor's in Communication Disorders. I am now applying to schools with spring and summer admissions, instead of just strictly fall. Valdosta State University in Georgia is on my list, but after reading the admissions criteria, I need clarification. The program requires applicants to have an undergraduate degree in communication disorders from a regionally accredited institution. Does this requirement disqualify me since my degree is from a school in Minnesota? I am aware of the term "nationally accredited," but this regionally accredited requirement is new to me. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Direct Hire vs Contract Company for CFY

So, I've narrowed down my job offers to two that I would be excited to start! However, I'm having a hard time choosing between the two and wanted some advice about going the direct hire route for a school based position vs going through a contract company. I am struggling because the contract position has a higher salary (~10k more per year, which will be classified as a housing allowance so it is tax free). Also, they are giving me a sign on bonus, reimbursement for my license and certification, a therapy material budget, and relocation assistance as I am moving from out of state. None of these are available through direct hire.

However, the position is a further commute from where I want to live than the direct hire position, and the direct hire position has already told me the site I would be placed at. I am really excited that I wouldn't have to travel between multiple schools there. As well, I think my days would be shorter as a direct hire than contract. I am still waiting to hear back for sure on this, but I think I would be contracted for 8 hour days with the company and would have 6.5 hour days with the district. But I've also heard from some SLPs that work directly for schools that you will inevitably have to take home work and no one ever works just the school day you are told. So it sounds like I would probably end up working close to an 8 hour day anyways. Does anyone that has worked either as a direct hire or through a contract company know if this is true? Any insight into other things I should be considering when making this decision? Any other advice for making this decision?

Summer Months

SLPs that work in Public and/or Private schools,

During the Summer months, what do you do with your time off? Do you do PRN work at a nursing facility, see Summer school clients, stay at home with kids, do volunteer work, etc.? I just wanted to see what you guys do with your spare time. :) Thanks!